While it may appear we’re just another SaaS provider, we go over and above our competitors by offering a full stack of services to our customers. Most of our customers don’t just use our platform, our teammates are an integral part of their team! We help our customers with the following : 

Why hire extra headcount when we can do the work for you? 

Let’s face it, Salesforce capable resources are as rare as a tasty school lunch! Who better to manage your Onyx platform than the ones who’ve built it? For a small fee, we’ll handle everything from user creation to adding new projects and monitoring sales performance!

Experience goes a long way when implementing automated campaigns. We help our customers build the flow of communications in alignment with their customer personas and buying process. We even build the content for some of them and operate their platform! 

We’ll admit, we love to write code… Although we’re passionate about building our own Onyx platform, sometimes we like going outside of our comfort zone and develop custom code! From Lightning components in Salesforce to Mobile apps, we can gladly help get it done!

While we have specialized ourselves for the reality of the real estate industry, we have helped countless organizations in other verticals implement their CRM platform or even re-optimize their current deployment.

Knowing your buyers is not always as easy as it seems. We help our customers define their buyer personas and the journey they go through when buying. From there, we help them build a communication funnel!

Discover the features of Onyx​

From lead generation to the conclusion of contracts, Onyx Technologies supports real estate developers and agencies in an ultra-personalized and measurable marketing approach, to achieve sales objectives and optimize profits.

Onyx for Real Estate Sales

Increase your sales profits! Sales management, revenue optimization and performance measurement.

Onyx for Marketing

We support you in an ultra-personalized and measurable marketing approach, to best meet sales objectives and increase profits.

Onyx for Customer Service

Onyx helps elevate customer service with options such as choice of finishes, customer and broker portals, and deficiency management app.

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