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This page describes typical service-level agreements related to your support contract. Your support contract might have special terms that have been agreed to at the time of signing. The terms expressed specifically in your support contract will always prevail over the following. If you would like to review or modify these terms, reach out to our support team using the Question request type or to your account representative.

The following terms relate to all of our standard support contracts.

Support request submission

All support requests must be made utilizing the online support form

Any support request emailed directly to an Onyx Technologies employee will be categorized as the Lowest priority and does not fall under the standard SLA.

All support requests opened via the Support Portal will follow the SLA Below. The SLA does not apply to projects that have a defined timeline/schedule per an outlined scope of work.

Tickets should be marked as CRITICAL Priority if a mission-critical issue has caused a complete stoppage of work by the organization. If it is determined the ticket is not CRITICAL there will be a onetime fee assessed not to exceed $500.00 per incident/request.

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SLA Definitions

Priority – Urgency Level of the Issue.

Respond – The time Onyx Technologies must respond to the request. The response may come in the form of an automated message, email, phone call text message, etc.

Resolve – The time Onyx Technologies must resolve the support request. This may be adjusted based on the initial investigation performed by Onyx Technologies.

Op Hours – Calendar Hours VS Business Hours. All support request hours are based on Business Hours except for URGENT support request.

Business Hours – Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EDT).

Calendar Hours – 24 Hours, Sunday – Saturday.

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