Increase your sales profits

Sales management, revenue optimization and performance measurement​

Gain sales efficiency with the Onyx platform, the most comprehensive real estate CRM on the market!

All your sales tools in the same software to help you better manage your sales, optimize your income and measure your performance!


reduction of uncalled leads


in time and materials saved per sale


average increase in price per sq. ft. 


More sales, less work

Take the guesswork out of sales management and make sure your sales team has everything in hand to do their work. Using lead smartlists that empty themselves,  single-click contract generation and no-click deal progression, your sales representatives will be as efficient as possibly imaginable.  


Onyx lets our customers display live inventory on their community’s website, from which prospects can actually decide to purchase a home by clicking a single button and entering their payment information. No broker involved, no commissions paid!

A customer service representative will then get in touch with the buyer, complete all of the required paperwork over the phone or a virtual meeting, and forward an executable contract, which can be electronically signed using Docusign, the world-leading eSignature platform. 

Once a home is sold, customers can pick and choose options and customizations directly from their community’s website, turning it into a revenue generating asset.


Maximize Revenue and Sales Velocity

Developing communities requires large sums of money to be invested months, if not years, before any sales efforts are made, which makes recuperating these sums as quickly and efficiently as possible the driving factor when launching a new community.

Maximizing the yield and velocity of sales is what makes a community an investment towards 26% profit margins, not a measly 12%. 

Onyx is proud to be the first in the industry to offer AI backed yield management to maximize, by the minute, pricing of homes based on over 300 dimensions. 

Homes selling abnormally fast? Our software will recommend price adjustments on similar remaining models. Models not getting any love? Onyx will tell you why and how you can act immediately. 

Capture plateform Onyx technologies Real estate CRM


Reduce Errors and Cancellations

Built on the world renowned Salesforce platform and tailor made to meet the most demanding real-estate sales requirements, our software makes it easy for sales representatives to do their work. 

We have built task-accelerating wizards where it matters, making repetitive tasks like generating a sales agreement, a 2-3 minute thing. 

With our software, things like entering contact information are a thing of the past: take a picture of a government sanctioned ID card and all of the buyer’s information is entered magically. 


100% Visibility into any KPI

By far the biggest challenge for any technology deployment is having a complete view into meaningful indicators that rely on data from separate processes or business units. Cost per Facebook lead means absolutely nothing if you don’t know how many leads from Facebook have actually purchased a home. Cost per sale means absolutely nothing if you don’t take into account construction costs and real margin, or truer still,  cancellations. Because if you have to sell every home 5 times, your cost per sale is going to increase dramatically. 

Onyx measures every performance metric from Marketing, Sales, Construction and Customer Service and combines them into high-value indicators that actually mean something. We even use this data to predict outcomes like, for example, evaluate a project’s final value after only a few months of sales, it’s probable sold-out date, as well as potential avenues for increasing sales velocity. 

With Onyx, our customers manage every single day
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Prospects, their activities and their behaviours.

Our platform is so easy to use and so well integrated in the daily activities of our customers that they just don’t realize how much is going on behind the curtains! Technology has come a long way since automation came about. Let a Real Estate CRM do the work, you deserve a break! 

Onyx for Marketing

From lead generation to closing contracts, we support you in an ultra-personalized and measurable marketing approach, to best meet sales objectives and increase profits.

Onyx for Customer Service

Onyx helps elevate customer service with options such as choice of finishes, customer portals, and deficiency management app.

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