Marketing, Sales and Service management for Real Estate

All in One!

Sell homes while increasing revenue, customer satisfaction and efficiency


Invest your money more strategically through market analysis and marketing campaigns to achieve the required results. Personalize every interaction more than you ever did before!  


Increase your sales velocity by 30-50% while drastically reducing your workload and having the possibility to sell entirely online!  

Customers Service

Increase your customer satisfaction through faster service with fewer human errors.  


Measure the return of each dollar spent and understand what makes you successful and who your customers are!

Why Onyx ?

This tool accompanies you from lead generation to contract execution.

Onyx integrates marketing, sales, customer service and analytics in one place, the most comprehensive platform on the market.

  • Onyx is integrated with Salesforce, making it the best imaginable platform for new home sales and service.   
  •  A tailor-made solution: Onyx software is customizable to your needs  
  •  Onyx has helped sell over 55,000 homes in the past 4 years.   
  •  Real estate developers around the world and the largest real estate agencies trust us for their projects.  
Tina Dostie
Onyx takes stress off of me
Onyx takes the pressure and stress off of me. Their system provides for a website for each project. Then a site for the corporate view of things. We load up one or two new big projects every year.
Olga Ladessova
complete solution
We chose them because they developed something complet. We could follow all the legal 12 aspects and other elements of what we need to manage. With others, there was always something missing.
Elian Sanchez
Best service and best technology
So far, they provide the best quality service, and their ability and willingness to customize is much appreciated. They have the best service and the best technology. The relationship is great.
Six Communications

Features to make your daily life easier

Marketing by Onyx

An automated, personalized and measurable marketing strategy​

  • Every dollar spent to generate leads can be tracked through their entire lifecycle so you can see which campaigns convert leads into buyers.
  • Increase response rate, drive more conversions, and maximize satisfaction.
  • Automate your customer journey, with turnkey scenarios, for a personalized customer experience throughout the lifecycle.
  • Onyx creates your emails, landing page and tracks feedback for you.

Sales by Onyx

Sales management, revenue optimization and performance measurement​

  • Allow customers to complete the sales cycle online, from buyer verification to unit selection and choice of finishes, to electronic contract generation and signature.  
  • Quickly see which units are available with an easy-to-use unit stacking plan.  
  • Easily allocate units to your broker ecosystem.    
  • Track every performance metric of your sales team, from first contact to conversion.  
  • Maximize the sales price of your inventory with artificial intelligence and its analysis of trends and the automatic adjustment of prices.

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Customer service by onyx

An optimal customer experience with every touch point

  • Automated Customer Journeys post-purchase to ensure the best customer experience (recission period management, moving soon, payment collection, etc.)    
  •  Allow customers to choose their finishes online, directly from their customer portal.   
  •  Allows developers to track the number of issues, assign them to specific trades/teams and track SLAs in easy-to-read reports.    
  •  Allow subcontractors to log in to their portal and see what needs to be fixed per unit, per floor, with SLAs. 

Data Analytics by Onyx

Measure the return of each dollar spent

  • Track every dollar spent on marketing and the ROI on it. Use data to make decisions on your future strategic decisions. 
  • Get ownership of your sales and the teams you trust with the sales of your projects  
  • Create a real-time demographic analysis  
  • Make a crossover between your marketing results and who ends up buying  
  • Use AI for your project yield maximization

There are so many more aspects not described here. Book a demo to discover more! 

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