Why Onyx?

your data

Our platform is built from the ground up to deliver real-life metrics in “near-real-time” to help better manage sales and marketing efforts.

Want to see who your best performing reps are this week? There’s a real-time dashboard for that!

Or maybe you feel your Facebook ad spend is a little too expensive?  Check the marketing spend reporting dashboard or your average cost-per-lead and adjust accordingly in a minute!

Or perhaps your penthouse sales are a little behind and you’d like to analyze what type of people bought similar units in the past so you can update your marketing campaigns to target these people specifically? You can do that too, in about 10 seconds flat!

Data is your most valuable asset and we’re providing you with new ways to slice-and-dice it to make minced-meat out of your competitors!

Near-Real-Time reporting on, well, anything!

With Onyx, you can report on any data that's in the system, at any time, in about a second! Want to know how long it takes your reps to call a new lead? We've got that! We can even rank them on their average! Want to know how much a lead is worth to you? We've got that as well! How much you need to spend on prospects before they buy? Guess what, we've got that too! See the trend?

Built with mobility in mind

Managing a business is very demanding, trust us, we know!

This is exactly why we've built our platform with mobility in mind! So you can manage your business, even when you're doing your business, but that's none of our business!

That being said, make the most out of your day by having everything at your fingertips, wherever you are!

Happy reps drive more sales!

So, we know... entering data in a CRM is a pain... Reps will tell you...

This is why we've re-built Salesforce into our platform: to make life easier for your reps.

No more late nights to capture meeting notes or figuring out how to schedule a follow-up call! Most actions are 1-2 clicks away! You can even dictate your notes on your mobile device!

Salesforce is a great platform, they're the leading CRM platform out there! But, we felt it needed a little love!

We've taken everything people loved about Salesforce and made it better! We've built-in automations to help reps do their jobs more efficiently! Calls through VoIP platforms can be automatically tracked, meetings are logged using a single click, etc.

Work smarter, not harder!

As with any task at hand, the tools you decide to use will play a big role in the final outcome. As you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer a nail, you shouldn’t be using a standard CRM platform to manage your Real-Estate sales!

We’ve made sure our platform is the best tool out there for real-estate sales and leasing!

Here are a few examples of how using Onyx can help you and your team be more efficient.

Real-Life examples of how Onyx makes life easier for reps:

If you’re using a compatible VoIP phone system, every call coming in should open a window for you to take notes on that call. Just enter the outcome and notes in the corresponding boxes! 

You’re a single click away from being able to start capturing his/her personal information! 

Click the “Walk-in” button and engage the conversation. Fill-in the fields as you get answers! 

Also, don’t forget to capture demographic data by simply clicking the corresponding values on the right part of your screen!

Congrats! Click the “Make-a-sale” button and follow the prompts to capture your sale! It takes about 2 minutes and you’ll have an electronically actionable contract you can forward to your customer so he/she can sign via DocuSign! 

PS: Don’t let him leave the office without signing! 

Fire-up the easy-to-use Kiosk mode to quickly check-off who was present and capture unannounced guests in seconds to make sure you can follow-up in a couple of days! Don’t worry, we’ll create follow-up call tasks in your to-do list automatically! Onyx can even automatically send them personalized emails through Marketing Cloud!

Click the “My Day” task list. Everything you need to do is in there. It’s already ordered by order of importance!

If there’s any lead in there, give them a call! If you leave a voicemail, click the “voicemail” button and a “I tried to reach you” email will be sent automatically, with your signature and a link to your calendar to book a call.

Also, don’t worry about setting a reminder to try and call back, it’s already in your to-do list for tomorrow! 

This means that a lead you’ve identified as “hot” is on your project’s website, trying to get more information on available units! Maybe now would be a good time to give him/her a call! Quick, click their phone number and we’ll get them on the phone for you!

Onyx lets these fine customers manage

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Prospects, their activities and their behaviours.

every. single. day.

Our platform is so easy to use and so well integrated in the daily activities of our customers that they just don’t realize how much is going on behind the curtains! Technology has come a long way since automation came about. Let the tools do the work, you deserve a break! 

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