Real-Estate Marketing

An automated, personalized and measurable marketing strategy​

From lead generation, to the conclusion of contracts, “Onyx Technologies” accompanies real estate developers and agencies in an ultra-personalized and measurable marketing approach, to best meet sales objectives and increase profits.


reduction in marketing spend


increase in lead conversion


reduction of uncontacted leads


Make it personal, anywhere, anytime

It has been demonstrated time and time again: People are much more likely to engage with personalized messaging. If you think about it, there’s a much better chance you’ll turn around if someone calls your first name as opposed to a generic “hey!”, right? The same goes for generic messaging as opposed to a subject you have a real interest in.  

Onyx helps our customers to engage in hyper personalized conversations with their prospects with little-to-no efforts. 


Data makes conversations meaningful

Onyx integrates demographic, geolocation and interest data to drive one-to-one conversations dynamically with prospects. 

Messages are configured using information collected from your lead sign-up form, the ad the prospect clicked on as well as any information collected from conversations with them to increase engagement. 

An investor will be emailed easy to rent studio floor-plans as well as be invited to register for further VIP launches, whereas a first-home buyer might be given a few tips regarding financing options and the buying process to build trust.

Onyx’s unique, demographic data collection component makes automating personalized conversations with prospects seamless and worry free. 

Track leads through the buying process

There’s nothing more counterproductive than to spend money on leads who don’t convert: they create more work for your sales team and don’t generate revenue. 

Onyx tracks everything from your ad accounts, and ties that information to the individual prospects. It’s one thing to generate 2000 leads a month, but are they buying? If so, for how much? How long does it take? What are they looking for? 

With Onyx, you can know exactly which ad a customer clicked-on, where they were when they clicked it, how much you paid for his/her click, what they were looking for at that time, what they ended up buying, how many models they looked at, which ones, and how much that sale has cost you from start to finish. 


Adapt your marketing on-the-fly

The biggest mistake one can make when generating leads through ad-spend on Google Ads or Facebook is forgetting to update running campaigns on a regular basis. 

Onyx is set-up as it’s own, semi-automated feedback loop; customers can use their sales data to make better use of their marketing dollars! Because getting leads is nice… but getting leads that actually purchase homes from you is much, much nicer. 

Using advanced Einstein Analytics dashboards, marketing managers can, as in the example on the left, understand exactly which kind of lead purchases a certain type of unit, where most of these leads come from, which ads were more successful in converting them, and how much they cost per lead to generate. 


Automate Every Communication

Onyx is built on top of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the industry’s leading B2C marketing platform, to drive event and trigger based, personalized communications at any point in the sales cycle. But don’t take our word for it : Salesforce has consistently been ranked as a leader by Gartner for as long as Salesforce has been on the market. 

Because we deliver easy to use templates as part of our delivery methodology, our customers can start building beautiful, responsive and personalized communications from day-one. 

Templates we usually provide for our customers are: 

With Onyx, our customers send out evry single day

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Emails, SMS'es and display ads.​

Onyx for Real Estate Sales

Increase your sales profits! Sales management, revenue optimization and performance measurement.

Onyx for Customer Service

Onyx helps elevate customer service with options such as choice of finishes, customer and broker portals, and deficiency management app.

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