Onyx for Customer Service

Unparalleled customer experience with every touch point.

Customer service is all about providing customers options: options in how they communicate with their home builder, options about how they want their future home to look, options about how to fix a problem they may be having with their new home. 

Onyx enables developers and promoters to take their customer service to the next level by offering modern options like broker and customer portals, design and options selection tools for customers, and a mobile deficiency management application


in time and materials saved per sale


average extras sold online per home


units sold completely online in 48h


Great customer service puts the customer at the forefront of the buying experience, and the buying experience doesn’t stop at the contract signing! 

Empower your clients

Buying a home is a very personal process and some people would rather not deal with a pushy sales representative. We empower customers to shop on their own time, choosing models/units to their liking, customizing them to compare later and sharing them with loved ones to get approval for their choices. Once they’ve made a decision, they can start the purchasing process as they see fit either by: clicking BUY and following the process themselves,  chatting with a sales representative to take them step-by-step through their purchase, or by having someone call them to go over the buying process over the phone or using a video-chat session. 



Make customers truly feel at home

With Onyx, new home owners can track if their deposits have been received and/or cashed-in, see their purchase contract and amendments, get their builder’s warranty information, download manuals for their appliances, submit service requests and access any relevant information about the community directly from their customer portal. 

We actually unlock a true “feel at home” feeling where future and current residents can see everything related to their new home. 


Automate ALL Communications

The “best” real-estate sales and marketing platforms have some level of marketing automation, where their tools can send marketing communications periodically. Onyx makes full use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, one of the leading Multi-Channel Marketing Hubs and CRM Lead Management on the market (as per Gartner Research). But what makes Onyx special is that we don’t stop at the marketing communications; 

We use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to send beautiful, 100% personalized and fully automated communications throughout the marketing, sales and post-sales cycles. 

Emails to collect deposits, send warranty information, notify about construction updates and accompany customers in their moving-in journey are all automated, while being personalized at send time, which means every customer feels they’re having one-to-one, personalized conversations, all the time. 

With Onyx, our customers manage evry single day
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Prospects, their activities and their behaviours.

Our platform is so easy to use and so well integrated in the daily activities of our customers that they just don’t realize how much is going on behind the curtains! Technology has come a long way since automation came about. Let a Real Estate CRM do the work, you deserve a break! 

Onyx for Real Estate Sales

Increase your sales profits! Sales management, revenue optimization and performance measurement.

Onyx for Marketing

From lead generation to closing contracts, we support you in an ultra-personalized and measurable marketing approach, to best meet sales objectives and increase profits.

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