Our Story

Well, while we’d like to share an amazing story about how we’ve grown for the last 17 years, helping all neighboring communities grow and thrive with generous donations and volunteering work, being 100% sustainable and having a negative carbon footprint,  we’re just not quite there yet!

Founded in late 2018, we’ve just started executing on our world domination plan but at our core, we’re just a bunch of caring, open minded, techy nerds with a passion for optimizing customer experience through technology. 

That’s not to say that our Onyx platform is as young as we are! We have been developing it for several customers since 2011 (thanks guys!), adding more features, working out the kinks and adopting new technologies like mobility, VoIP and more recently, AI. 

We wake up every morning, wanting to make a difference for our customers and we spend most of our days thinking about how we can make their lives better by leveraging available technologies. That is what’s at our core and what really drives us. 

Meet the Team

Onyx Technologies is all about passion. We look for passionate people in the first place, people who we’d have fun with… then look at diplomas and certifications. This makes our team the happiest, most motivated and dedicated people you will ever have worked with! 

We hire people based on how deeply they care about making customers’ lives easier and sharing their skills and knowledge to empower everyone around them, including customers and partners.  

Marc is our head honcho, managing sales and most boring, back office related decisions. He has a computer engineering degree from Polytechnique University and an MBA from HEC Montréal. Wears matching socks at all times...


Marc O. Therrien


Gab is our tech guru, preferring the company of his computer than that of actual people... He is the mastermind behind Onyx and most good ideas we have... as well as our machiavelic world domination plan...


Gabriel Harbour


Laurianne is our communications specialist, helping our customers with their marketing efforts. She's also the sensible, reasonable one... no kidding!

Laurianne bw

Laurianne Lamarche

Operations Manager

Tao is the guy we call when the going gets rough... he always has great ideas about how we can improve our application and usually has already developed them when he shares them with us. He also holds 2 Phd's... Call him Mr. Doctor, please!


Tao-Nhan Nguyen

Director of Development

Virginie is our phone specialist! Being the nicest of us all, she has a success rate of about 100% in booking meetings and demos. Hat's off to you Virginie!

Virginie (2)

Virginie Langlet

Sales Representative - Europe

Jean is our deployment and Apex specialist. He writes specific code for the platform to meet client needs, packages it and makes sure every deployment is a success. He's also the wildest of the team.


Jean Cadieux

Apex Developer

Anne is the mastermind behind everything that's standardized and automated. She automates the string pulling behind the curtains so no-one actually has to pull any strings! If something works, Anne has something to do with it!


Anne Robbins-Holland

Salesforce Expert

Ramy heads our Customer Success Department. He's always been able to catch every ball our customers throw at him... he's like a Jedi when it comes to making customers successful!

Image from iOS

Ramy Chmait

Customer Success Manager

Vincent candidly collaborates with the sales department. Always between his cellphone and his laptop, his life is an eternal battle with post-its. He uses Charm-a-geddon(TM) tactics to book us meetings with customers!


Vincent Grégoire

Sales Representative - North America

Our team is ever-expanding! Join us by sending your résumé at [email protected]!

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