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Sell homes, without the challenges of selling

From lead generation to executed contracts, all-the-while keeping people excited about their new home as it’s being built, Onyx makes selling and leasing homes effortless by integrating all of your teams’ data into one, single source of truth.

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Drive engagement with prospects by making communications personal. Whether it’s SMS, Emails or even Ads you serve on Google or Facebook, tailor your messaging at the individual level using your prospects’ demographic data; because investors aren’t looking for the same thing as first-time home buyers. 

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Onyx makes full use of the personalization possibilities of its marketing automation platform at every step of the customer experience, meaning customers don’t only receive beautiful marketing messaging but also super personalized SMS’es, notifications, guides and how-to’s at every step of their customer journey!

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Accelerate lead generation by focusing on the marketing channels and campaigns that work. Studios not selling as fast as 1-Bedroom apartments? Know exactly which channels/campaigns generated Studio-buying leads in a couple of clicks and invest more marketing dollars in this campaign directly.  Don’t just generate leads, they’re a waste of your sales team time, generate buyers!

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Take the guesswork out of sales management and make sure your sales team has everything in hand to do their work. Using lead smartlists that empty themselves,  single-click contract generation and no-click deal progression, your sales representatives will be as efficient as possibly imaginable.  Learn more…

Onyx lets our customers display live inventory on their community’s website, from which prospects can add options and actually decide to purchase a home by clicking a single button and entering their payment information. No broker involved, no commissions paid!

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Maximizing the yield and velocity of sales is what makes a community an investment towards 26% profit margins, not a measly 12%. 

Onyx is proud to be the first in the industry to offer AI backed yield management to maximize, by the minute, pricing of homes based on over 300 dimensions. 

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Great customer service puts the customer at the forefront of the buying experience, and the buying experience doesn’t stop at the contract signing! Learn more…

Buying a home is a very personal process and some people would rather not deal with a pushy sales representative. Give your customers the power to choose if and when they engage with a sales representative during the buying process or let them buy their new home completely unattended. 

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Onyx makes full use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, one of the leading Multi-Channel Marketing Hubs and CRM Lead Management on the market (as per Gartner Research, 2020). 

This allows our customers to send beautiful, 100% personalized and fully automated communications throughout the marketing, sales and post-sales cycles, right out of the box. 

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With Onyx, our customers manage every single day

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Prospects, their activities and their behaviours.

Our platform is so easy to use and so well integrated in the daily activities of our customers that they just don’t realize how much is going on behind the curtains! Technology has come a long way since automation came about. Let a Real Estate CRM do the work, you deserve a break! 


in time and materials saved per sale


faster turnaround time for contracts


reduction of uncalled leads


reduction in marketing spend


increase in price sold per sq. ft. 

But don't just take our word for it!

Read what customers say about us!
“We've been using Onyx's platform for over 7 years now and it has been a key driver of our sustained growth. They have really listened to us when customizing the platform while suggesting better ways of doing our business! Thanks guys! ”
Tina Dostie
VP Sales and Marketing
"I feel like I have personally contributed to the development of Onyx's platform over the years as they really value our input as customers, which makes the platform very tied-to our daily reality."
Louis Conrad Migneault
President and General Manager
Surge Homes
"As a Real-Estate focused sales and marketing agency, we really saw a great tool in Onyx's platform as it allows us to be flexible enough to accommodate multiple projects and customers!"
Elian Sanchez
Vice-President of Sales
Six Communications

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